Sibling Issues Heir Search


We were not directly involved in this estate but have never forgotten it! We were doing research at the County Courthouse in Darlington, SC, on a Monday morning. Suddenly a teenage girl came into the office. She was crying. She found a clerk and told her the following story:

She was sixteen, the youngest of seven children and still lived at home with her mother. Her father had died several years previously. On Friday night, her mother passed away. On Saturday, all of her siblings met at the house to plan the funeral.

While they were talking, one of her brothers jumped up and said, "I want this lamp". He proceeded to unplug it and then carried it over and set it down by his chair. Suddenly another sibling got up and said, "There's something in the kitchen that I want." and then ran out there. Soon, all six of them were grabbing things and taking them out to their cars and trucks. Before she knew it, they had cleaned out the entire house!

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