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With over forty years of experience locating missing heirs all over the world, we conduct heir searches on behalf of attorneys, guardians, and trust officers for a flat fee or on an hourly or contingency basis. We are often able to provide our services for a fraction of what our competitors charge. Learn more about our heir search fees.

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Why choose us?

If our own advanced methodologies are unable to quickly produce results, Research America is in contact with experienced genealogists and private investigators who can assist with heir searches in all parts of the United States. We have strong working relationships with heir tracing companies in London, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Rome and Heilbronn, Germany. As a group, they can cover research in most foreign countries, including the eastern European countries and all of the additional countries which used to be a part of the Soviet Union.

How much does an heir search cost?

We offer a variety of compensation plans, which are based both on the preference of the estate attorney and the nature of the case. These include an hourly fee plan, a flat fee plan (for instances when there is a missing individual whose name and former residence is known), and a contingent fee plan whereby we look to any heirs that we locate for our fee based on a percentage of their inheritance. With a contingent fee search, none of the heirs who are already known to the estate bear any costs of our investigation. Please visit our Heir Search Fees page to find out how we bill for our heir search services.

What if I have been contacted by Research America?

We understand that it may seem too good to be true that we would be contacting you out of the blue about collecting an inheritance. Please rest assured that we are a legitimate company who has helped thousands of people recover money and other assets. Information for missing heirs.

Unknown Heir Search Experts - Research America

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