Heir search fees

Hourly search

Our rate for research in the United States is two hundred dollars ($200.00) per hour, plus costs. The client authorizes a specific number of hours initially; if we have not completed the assignment at that point in time, we would provide the client with an interim report and would then require the client’s authorization in order to proceed with further research for a specified number of additional hours. A final report (and, if appropriate, a genealogical chart and documentary evidence marked for use as court exhibits) is provided to the client upon completion of the assignment.

Contingent fee searches

In certain cases, a percentage-based contingent fee negotiated directly with the missing heirs, or their respective attorneys may be a preferable arrangement, as neither the estate nor the personal representative incurs any financial obligation for our fee. Regardless of whether our contingent fee is to be paid as an estate expense or negotiated with the heirs themselves, our search continues until we have exhausted all reasonable means for locating any heirs/beneficiaries. In many cases, we are able to prove there are no heirs, or additional heirs, surviving. Note that we routinely conduct successful contingent searches in many countries around the world.

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