Starting a heir search with Research America

You can initiate the missing heir location process with us very easily. Just call us, e-mail us, or use the contact form on the right to start a conversation about how we can best serve you. Research America does not require a formal contract with our clients. A letter from the client and our letter of reply accepting the case is all that is needed to satisfy the requirements of a contract. Most of our clients are attorneys or are represented by an attorney. If an attorney prefers to engage our services pursuant to a formal contract, then the attorney is responsible for preparing the contract.

Contingent-fee heir searches

We require nothing more than a telephone call, letter (mail or fax), or email to begin our search. You should provide us with all available family information and the approximate value of the assets. If the estate is testate, we will require a copy of the Will and all available information regarding the amount of the bequest to the missing beneficiary.

Flat-fee heir searches

We require a written request outlining the assignment, including last known addresses and any other pertinent information.

Hourly heir searches

We require a written request outlining the assignment and the number of hours authorized to search. If our search is not complete at the conclusion of the authorized number of hours we will provide you with either a verbal or written report.

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